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In three easy steps, you will learn how to connect cursive letters in design space when using script fonts using the weld tool.

Have you ever tried to use a pretty script font in Design space and found that the letters were spaced out and uneven? Knowing how to connect your letters properly is a fundamental tool in creating beautiful works of art!

STEP 1- Lets go ahead and open design space. Using the type tool, type out the word you would like to use and choose a font. For this lesson, I chose the font Baby Angelo.

The best place to find new fonts is Fontbundles. (Don't forget to check out the free fonts offered!)

STEP 2- Right click on your word and choose ungroup. This will allow you to move each letter separately to have the letters touching where they should be.

STEP 3- After you have moved the letters to where they should be, highlight the entire word and then select "WELD". If you forget this step, Cricut will cut each letter out individually.

The thin black lines between each letters where they are touching will disappear. This will tell you the word(s) have formed into one single shape.

You can also double check that your letters have welded correctly by checking the Layers panel on the right side of your screen. You should see one single layer with the entire word in the thumbnail.

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Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. As an Affiliate to Design Bundles, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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