Applying Iron-on Vinyl (HTV)

Updated: Mar 9

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Iron-on vinyl, or also called HTV, is my favorite type of vinyl to use. The projects you can make with HTV are endless! I've made shirts, hats, signs, tote bags, personalized school supplies and more! This blog will show you step by step how to take a cut file and apply it to a t-shirt.

Cutting the File With Your Cricut Machine

Using our file we made last week, we are going to cut it out and apply it to a t-shirt. Open design space, choose upload on the bottom left, and then find your "MOM" file. On the right of your screen you will see two layers.

For my design, I have each layer a different color. Feel free to choose the colors to your liking. The "MOM" will be Black, and the names will be in gray.

Click a layer on the right to choose it, then on the top panel click on the square next to "Operation" to change the color.

I am choosing to make my image 11.5 inches wide. This number will vary depending on the size of your shirt. Feel free to refer to the following Image as reference.

When you are ready, click "Make it" at the top right of your screen. DS will automatically separate each layer by color. I find it easiest to drag the lettering to the first full block on your project mat. This makes it easier to cut the exact amount of HTV you will need for your design.


This option is on the left side of your screen. This step is SUPER important.

Once you are ready, It's time to prepare your mat. Cut out the correct size of HTV for each color. Place the HTV shiny side down and match it to the image shown on your screen.

This is also a very important step.

Since we are using HTV, you will want to make sure your dial on the machine is set to "Iron on". This will tell the blade how much pressure is needed for the blade to cut through your material.

Next, click your flashing load mat button, and then the flashing Cricut sign when prompted.

Do the last few steps for all layers of HTV.

Once completed, weed both of your layers leaving just what you want pressed on the shirt. Both layers should be backwards.

Applying HTV to The Shirt

When I started out, I used a home Iron. I quickly realized how long that took because of the size so I upgraded to a swing armed heat press. I also have the Cricut Easypress mini which comes in handy for SOOO many quick projects!

Make sure whatever you are using that it's heated properly. For my Heat Press, I set it to 305. If you are using a Cricut Easy Press, Cricut Easy Press 2, or the Cricut Easypress Mini, you can see the Heat Transfer Guide here.

Lay your shirt down and give it a quick pre-heat for 5-10 seconds. This pulls out any moisture in the fibers and helps the HTV stick to the material easier and faster. Lay your first layer of HTV down on your shirt and then a Tefalon sheet on top of that. This will prevent your material from being burnt.

Press each layer separately, removing the clear film each time you do a new layer.

You are then left with a completed "MOM" shirt! That's it! Piece of cake, eh?

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