Birth Stat Elephant

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Recently, I snagged a big eared stuffed Elephant and knew I wanted to put birth stats on the ear like I've seen in other craft groups. I picked up some matching Iron-on Vinyl, found a template for the birth stats, and grabbed my supplies!

Creating the Design

Using this Birth Stat Template I found at DesignBundles, I inserted my own stats using the font Soria, which can be found here for free! The SVG makes it pretty easy to know where to insert your own stats while keeping the shape of the ear. My design is roughly 2.5 wide.

(You will need to measure the ear to get the correct sizing for your elephant. )

Once complete, weld all the white parts together and then all the pink parts together. (This is to keep the design together when it goes to cut on the mat.)

The next step was to create the monogram. Using the same font, I made an uppercase letter A, roughly 2x2.5.

In order to place a name inside the letter, we need to break it apart. Go to shapes and choose the square. Unlock the shape by clicking on the lock and then drag the bottom corner towards the top to create a rectangle.

Place the rectangle over the letter A where you want the name to go. Press Slice. Next, drag the A away from the rectangle and delete the rest.

Add the name (once welded) to the middle then choose a color for the name and letter.

Cutting and applying the Iron-on

When cutting out Iron-on vinyl, you will need to mirror your image. This can be done on the Make it screen by clicking on the Mirror Image button.

Check the dial on the machine to make sure it is set to Iron-on. Placing the Iron-on shiny side down on your mat.

Once everything is cut out, carefully weed out the extra Iron-on and turn on your heat press and let it warm up.

For this project, I used my Cricut Easypress Mini. Let me tell you, I LOVE my Mini. So many projects are made easier to do when you can maneuver the press around that you can't do with a normal sized press.

The ears on my elephant were a little wrinkled, so I went ahead and ironed them a bit with the Mini. This also primed the ear and took out any excess moisture before pressing on the HTV.

Because of the head shape, I placed a wooden block under the ear to create a flat hard surface to press on. This creates the perfect conditions to get a great seal on the Iron-on vinyl against the fabric.

I then placed a Teflon sheet on top of the vinyl and then pressed the design. I did the same for the other side.

What's Next?

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