Create A Ballcap Giftbox

Giftboxes are a nice way to present a handmade or store-bought gift. I like to really wow the giftee with the packaging just as much as I do the gift. This adorable baseball cap will surely be the talk of the party. Follow along as I walk you step by step in creating a Ballcap Giftbox.

  • Select A&C-Baseballcapbox1. Check the sizing is set at 8.6 x 9.242

  • Select A&C-Baseballcapbox2. Check the sizing is set at 10 x 9.408

  • Push "Make It"

  • Design Space will automatically sort and place all pieces neatly onto 2 separate mats. Load your first mat with a sheet of cardstock.

  • Make sure the dial is set to cardstock, cardstock+, or Light cardstock. (This setting will depend on the thickness of the cardstock purchased.)

  • Cut out both mats and separate the pieces into piles.

  • Fold all of the triangular and rectangular pieces as shown.

  • Glue both base layers together.

  • Next, glue the rectangular pieces together to form the walls of the box.

  • Attach the walls to the base.

  • Place the octagon inside of the box and secure it in place.

  • Grab two triangular pieces and carefully start to glue the tabs down. Glue two tabs down at a time and hold while drying. You will need to bend the paper as you go up to the point in order to form the cap.

  • Repeat step 14 with the other 4 triangular shapes. connect them together to form a circle.

  • Attach the small octagon to the top of the cap where a button would be.

  • Place the cap on top of the box base.

  • Decorate!

I am excited to see the many ways my readers decorate these adorable gift boxes! Please share with us in the comments, or our Facebook group, Cricut Crafters- Tutorials, Freebies, and SVG discounts!

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