Creating a Split MOM Cutting File with SCAL4

Updated: Mar 9

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Hello! welcome to another Teach me Tuesday.

Today I will be teaching you how to create a split mom image that can be placed on t-shirts or those cute shadowboxes with the rolled flowers inside. These mom images are super cute and trendy right now and they sell really well. Best of all they are fairly easy to design and make with your cutting machine!

I will be showing you the top 3 ways these images are being made so you can

decide exactly which one you like better. Next Tuesday, I will show you how to

cut, weed, AND iron it onto a t-shirt for our very first start to finish DIY!!

Lets begin!

Design 1

To start, click on the text tool in the left menu and type MOM in capital letters. I am using Times New Roman but you can use whatever serif font you like.

Go ahead and resize the letters to your liking. To keep the letters uniform, hold down shift before clicking and dragging the cursor.

From here, you will select the rectangle tool from the left menu. Click and drag the cursor to create the rectangle in front of the letters. This will be what is sliced away from the letters so now is a good time to decide where that will be.

Next, click and drag to highlight both layers, the mom and the rectangle. you can double check both layers are selected from the layers menu on the right. You can also choose to hold shift and click each layer in the layers menu to select them. Once selected, choose path, and then "back minus front". This will slice away the rectangle from the word.

With Mom still selected, right click and choose "break apart." This will separate the top section from the bottom. you will then need to select all the top pieces.. click on path, and then union. Do the same with the bottom. (Delete the left over blank layers you see in the layers panel when complete.

Now to add the names in the middle. For this font, I used "I love Glitter." (I chose this font because it comes along with a bunch of extra glyphs that we will go over a little bit later.)

Type your names without spaces first. We will add the extra characters using the library menu. Click Window at the top menu and then Library. This window allows you to see the hidden glyphs that are available with certain fonts.

To add the heart in-between the names, click between the names and then click the connecting heart image inside the library window.

To add the end swooshes, again, you will click on the end of your name, and then the

ending swoosh image in the library window.

To make sure the kids names cut in one piece, we need to weld the letters together.

to do this, we highlight the entire section, click path in the top menu, and then union.


Take the names and place inside the mom. Highlight both layers like we did before

but this time I want you to go over to the select tool in the right menu and then click on

"align to middle horizontally." This will make both layers line up perfectly. If you need

to adjust the top or bottom section of MOM, go ahead and do that before we

"union" those in place. To do that, select both the top and bottom layers of MOM

and then press UNION.

you should now have two layers in the layer panel. one for the names and one for mom. This image is now ready to be saved as an SVG, and then cut with your cutting machine software!

Design 3

Design 3 and 2 are almost identical, except one is layered and the other is cut out.

Go ahead and type out "MOM" again with all capitals. Resize the word to your liking. For this design, we skip the rectangle cut out and go straight to typing out the names. Add the connecting heart and the end swooshes like before. Highlight the entire layer, click path in the upper menu and then select "union" to connect them all together.

To change the color of the names, click the color palette on the right menu. select the names layer, and then the color swatch to change the color.

From here, drag the names on top of the word "MOM" and place them how you want. MOM should be the bottom layer. If this is not the case, drag the MOM layer to the bottom in the layers panel.

Design 3 complete!

Design 2

Rolling right into design 2, select the names and then "effects" in the top menu. From there, select "shadow layer (contour cut) from the drop down menu. This will bring up a separate menu. I recommend setting the size to 0.095 and then selecting "blackout shadow." Feel free to play around with the sizing to your liking. Color does not matter as it will not show in the final design.

You are now left with 3 layers. MOM, the names, and now a new layer called shadow layer. Select the names by clicking on the layer in the layers panel. Move the names off of the mat so they are out of the way. From here, highlight MOM and the shadow layer. Go to Path, and then front minus back (or back minus front, depending how your layers are placed. You want to be left with MOM.)

The last step is to move the names back into place!

What's Next?

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