Creating a Word Search Plaque

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I saw these Word Searches on a few Cricut FB groups going around and I just HAD to make one! These would be the PERFECT gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's day...etc. They are so customizable!

I used a Word Search Maker to create the scrambled word search for me, and then I typed out and spaced each letter in design space. This took quite awhile, however the letters are crisp and clean compared to when I tried to upload the PNG into Design Space from the website.

For the "Mother" written up top, I used the font Maybird from KA Designs. You can purchase it here! I am absolutely IN LOVE with all of her fonts and use them frequently! They are easily paired together to create unique combinations.

In order to center the word search and get the correct dimensions on the frame, I placed painters tape around the edges of the glass and then measured what was left. I rounded to the closest whole number and ended up with 6x8.

As for weeding, I learned early on a little trick to use with lettering. Using an x-acto knife, I create long strips along my stencil so as I'm weeding, I only pull up one row at a time. This allows me to focus on one letter at a time ensuring they all stay in place as I am weeding.

I placed the letters on the front of the glass and then used these ready to print Word Search Highlighter marks and placed them on the back of the glass. (You can find them here.)

You may choose to place the Highlighter Marks AND the words on the same side, whatever you prefer! So many ways to make this project unique.

Happy Crafting!

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