How to make a SpiralBetty

If you've seen Tiktok or have looked in any design groups recently, you should have seen the latest craze, The SpiralBetty! This thing has gone VIRAL and I am about to break down the steps and show you exactly how to make your OWN SpiralBetty.

Step 1

Go to the website, and upload a photo into the circle. As far as the options below, drag the line for rings somewhere in the middle to give you a decent amount of definition in the photo, but enough thickness to the lines that you wont have trouble weeding.

Then go ahead and save the image.

Step 2

Next, upload into DS. Choose Simple.

Step 3

Erase. Before erasing, go into the advanced options and slide the color tolerance to about 65. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!

You should be able to click 1 time inside the circle to remove all the background at once.

If you do not change the color tolerance, you will have a harder time erasing, and will need to click on each section separately like the photo below.

Once uploaded into DS, size the image to a little under 12x12 to fit on the mat and cut!

I was able to weed the entire image in one long strand and it was SOO cool to see the image appear before my eyes! now to find something awesome to put it on!

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