How to Upload an Image into Design Space

The following tutorial will show you the few steps it takes to upload files into Design Space. Because DS makes it possible to open many types of files, you are left with a broader selection to choose from when deciding what to make!

First, open a blank canvas on DS. (Start a new project.) Click "upload" in the design panel on the left. Next, click "upload Image".

Click "browse" to upload the file you want to upload, or you can drag and drop the file onto the screen.

Uploading a JPG, JIF, or BMP

For my image, It's very simple with only a black outline, so I'm going to choose "Simple" for Select Image Type. Read the descriptions for all three and then decide which is best for you.

This next step is overlooked a lot. You need to use the "Select & Erase" tools to click on any areas of the picture that you DO NOT want there. Since the image I am using is just an outline, I need to click on anything that is white.

Sometimes, you need to go into "Advanced Options" and reduce your colors and reduce the "Color Tolerance" to get a clean image. You can check the cleanliness of your image by clicking on "Preview".

Uploading a PNG

PNG's are done the same way as a JPEG or BMP. You will need to "Select & Erase" to get a transparent background.

Before uploading, you are given the choice to save as at Cut Image, or a Print Then Cut Image. This is an important step in order to go forward with your craft.

  • Cut Image- Choose this option if you are cutting the image out.

  • Print Then Cut- Choose this image if you want to print your design out first, and then have your machine cut it out.

Uploading an SVG or DXF

SVG's are the easiest and most preferred file type to use. DXF files are mainly used with the free version of Silhouette Studio. You will upload them just the same as above, however an SVG or DXF file is ready to be uploaded without needing to "Select & Erase" to try and get a clean image.

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